Bike routes around Hrabovo and Malinô Brdo

Interesting places for cycling directly from Hrabovo and in the vicinity of Hrabovo valley

Hrabovská dolina - Čutkovská dolina - Hrabovská dolina

Hrabovská dolina and Čutkovská dolina are some of the most beautiful places in Ružomberok. These two beautiful valleys are connected by a forest bike path. The route starts directly from us from Fatrapark 2. It is an undemanding cycle route with a slight incline. You will go up the asphalt road and after about 200 meters next to the cottages you will come to a fork. To the right is Obrova cesta. To the left is Medvedia cesta. You turn right onto the Obrova cesta, which in time turns into a forest weighbridge following the yellow cycle sign. The route leads to Obrovo - a children's complex in Čutkovská dolina. Along the route are stored things of Giant - Obor "Čutko" - huge glasses, a huge chair ... which are a nice attractions for children. In Čutkovo valley, you can then refresh yourself in traditional Slovak restaurants: Koliba u Dobrého Pastiera or in Koliba Fatranka. You can go back to Hrabovská dolina the same way.

Distance: cca 10 km

Difficulty: easy

Hrabovská dolina - Čutkovská dolina - Ľubochnianska dolina - Švošov - Hrboltová - Hrabovská dolina

We recommend this route for a whole day trip. It's a very beautiful circuit, but either get your fitness ready or an electric bike ;). You can start directly from us from Fatrapark 2. You will go up the asphalt road and connect to the right to Obrova cesta. Follow the yellow cycle sign to reach Čutkovská dolina. After Čutkovská dolina, continue in the direction of Ľubochňa along the green cycle sign along the forest route. Prepare first for a longer climb, and then for a longer descent. In this part of route you will definitely appreciate the electric bike. If you put the route in the mobile app (which we, btw, very recommend) "", it is the green cycle sign that leads over Červený grúň through the forest. After the descent, you will connect to the cycle route in Ľubochnianská dolina, which is already a pleasant asphalt route. You can refresh yourself in Ľubochňa city centre, and continue along the asphalt cycle route through the villages of Švošov and Hrboltová back to Hrabovská dolina to Fatrapark 2.

Distance: cca 50 km

Difficulty: heavy (recommended electric bicycle)

Ružomberok Cyklokorytnička - Podsuchá - Smrekovica - Vlkolínec - Ružomberok Cyklokorytnička

Beautiful route, but if you are not a pro, we recommend an electric bike. You can rent an electric bike, for example, in E-bike Point Ružomberok. And then only a few meters from their spot begins the bike path "Cyklokorytnička". Following the red cycle sign, you continue on a pleasant route along the river to Podsuchá. Here you can have a snack at Restaurant Koliba Bodega. And then continues quite steep part of the route following the blue sign to "Vojenská zotavovňa Smrekovica". There is also a buffet in Smrekovica where you can refresh yourself. Then continue along the blue sign to Malá Smrekovica (direction to Ružomberok). At the beginning of this route there will be a short section, which is more reminiscent of a hiking trail, but then it will be ok, and the views are great. The blue sign will take you to the Mini Farm Sidorovo, from where you continue down the yellow sign to Vlkolínec village. Here is again traditional Slovak restaurant. From Vlkolínec, again following the blue sign, take a pleasant asphalt descent and connect back to "Cyklokorytnička" bike path.

Distance: cca 40 km

Difficulty: heavy (recommended electric bicycle)

Cyklokorytnička: Ružomberok - Biely Potok - Jazierce - Podsuchá - Liptovská Osada - Patočiny - Korytnica Kúpele - Ružomberok

A pleasant route along the entire "Cyklokorytnička" bike path from Ružomberok to Kúpele Korytnica. It is mostly an asphalt cycle route, mostly lined by the river. This cycle route crosses the main road in about three places, so increase your attention in these sections. It's a longer route, but you don't need an electric bike. 

Distance: cca 55 km

Difficulty: medium