Spring general cleaning

Spring general cleaning

Cleanliness is one of our top priorities. So that our guests always come to a clean and fragrant apartment. Therefore, every off-season, in addition to standard cleaning, we also carry out general cleaning of all apartments. Do you know what it involves?

We also carry out general cleaning these days, during the spring off-season. There are fewer guests, so we use this free time to thoroughly clean all the apartments and prepare them for the summer season.

The apartments are of course thoroughly cleaned and cleaned after each stay. But during the low season we clean the already cleaned apartments :-) what does it all include?

- We beat everything. Carpets, extra beds, couches and sofas are beating.

- We wash all curtains and drapes.

- We wash all windows, blinds and balconies.

- And details such as washing the ceiling lights and washing dust in hard-to-reach places are being fine-tuned.

We believe that even regular general cleaning will ensure that you always enter a clean and fragrant apartment at us.

We are looking forward to you,

team Fatrapark 2 Apartments

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