We protect guests thanks to online check-in

We protect guests thanks to online check-in

From now on all guests have the option of online check-in from comfort of home, thus saving time spent in the common areas of the reception.

Are you tired of waiting at the reception until the receptionist writes down your details from your ID card? And would you like to protect yourself as much as possible from the virus? From now on each guest has the opportunity to fill in all their details in advance online, thus saving time spent at the reception of Fatrapark 2.

Our reception system will automatically send you such a request by e-mail 7 days before arrival, or if you have not filled the online check-in yet, you will be reminded also 2 days before arrival. You can easily complete the online check-in from the comfort of your home or even in your car on the way to us.

It's a great thing even in today's pandemic days, when you save time spent in the common reception areas. The reception will only give you the key and you can go straight to your apartment. This will protect yourself and us too.

If you do not have time to fill in the online check-in or do not like such an option, of course there is still the possibility to enter your data "old-fashioned way" - at the reception.

You can also use this saved time for other questions that we will be happy to answer at the reception - where to order good food in Ruzomberok, where to go for a walk around Hrabovo, etc.

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